4 + 2 Program – Social Media 101

How to build a content calendar. Introduction to Analytics. Are you on the right social media platforms for your business? Our four hour crash course will get you on the right path for success, then we’ll conduct a two hour follow up four weeks later to ensure you put into practice, what we preached.

4 + 2 Program – Social Media 201

Designed for businesses that already have the basics down pat. You’re posting regularly, you’re DM’s don’t sit unnoticed for days on end & your customers know where to find you online. In Social Media 201, we delve deeper into your analytics & brand strategy to ensure you’re posting at the best times, with the best content possible. The same as Social Media 101, we follow up in 4 weeks to ensure you’ve practiced what we preached.

Social Media 101 for Kids & Parents
offered for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter & Snapchat

More & more kids are going online without their parents consent. If you’re going to give your child or grandchild a smartphone or tablet for Christmas or an upcoming birthday, make sure they know how to be responsible & safe, while they’re online. From privacy settings, to non-invasive monitoring, we give parents the tools to relax.¬†

Social Media 101 for Adults
offered for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter & Snapchat 

So many adults that rebelled against the social media tide are now realizing the benefits of being online. Whether you want to keep up with your family across the country, keep up with your kids or reconnect with an old colleague on LinkedIn, learning social media can be daunting. From what to post, where to post & how to post so it’s only seen by the people that want to see it, we cover it.


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