Whether you’re online illiterate or you don’t have time to wait for your dialup to connect, we take care of your platforms so you don’t have to. Not sure if you need social media management? Take a look at how long it takes your team to respond to social media messages, comments, etc. If it’s longer than you would like to wait, it’s probably worth looking into it.

Event Management

Whether you’re hosting a one day event or a 5 day festival, you need to focus on the event execution – not tweeting. We take care of pre-promotion (ticket sales, on site activations during the event, as well as post-event posts. The show can’t go on without you, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice online presence.

Full Management

Whether you just started or we’re picking up where you left off, hand us the keys & we’ll take care of your platforms for short & long term clients. We pick what to post, who to follow & how to engage with your clientele. Whether you have one social platform or five, we make run them so you don’t have to.

For event & full management inquiries, contact us.