Ready, Steady, Launch!

December, aka launch month, was amaze balls! We met so many new people, added new aspects & services to the business, drank a lot of coffee & our business card designer Colton didn’t kill us & that’s surprising.

One of the aspects of the business we are most excited about is the new member we added to our team. Her name is Jaz & she’s amazing at web design! Her ability to make coding look like a Sunday afternoon walk in the park mixed with her┬ákick ass personality is why we had it make her Peak & Anchor’s first round draft pick.

My personal favourite part of the month were all the road trips for meetings in Edmonton. Not only do I have a GREAT singing voice for carpool karaoke but I’m also great at giving directions! (none of those things are true) Traveling to a different city or town usually makes for some great laughs & great meetings with new faces. For someone who loves to talk, the more people I meet means the more people I have to talk to, which gives Becca a little break so it’s a win win.

Becca’s favourite part of the month was clearly when we had a meeting with a new to us beer Rep. It’s Becca right? If she can’t be talking about batman, you’re damn sure she wants to be talking about beer. *Disclaimer! I’m writing this from Nova Scotia, Becca is not here to confirm or deny what her favourite part was, I’m totally just picking for her* She got to really show off the knowledge she has of not only Social Media but also what she knows when it comes to beer & branding. What can I say? My girl’s a boss!

I joke around a lot but in all seriousness we can’t thank you all enough for the support you’ve shown us, not only in our first month but in the months leading up to it & for all the advice we were more than happy to accept! We couldn’t do what we do & love it so much if it wasn’t for our friends, family & amazing clients. From both of us at Peak & Anchor, you all rock & we love you.

You might want to keep watching though, we’re just getting started!

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