Here’s a little story, all about how…

Now here’s a little story all about how my life got switched turned upside down… or otherwise known as how Becca & I decided to go in to business together & where we got our business name from.

You know when you meet someone & you instantly know you’re going to be best friends? Yeah that’s not what happened here. Mine & Becca’s “Step Brothers moment” came after we met each others families. I know that sounds weird but stay with me here. See what I mean is that you can lie about being a good person but your roots will always tell the truth. When Becca and I met each others families it was obvious that they had the same core values, family first, help others before yourself, never judge & if the alpaca is making a weird sound call the hippy neighbours …wait, that last one might of just been for my family. But you see what I’m getting at here, once we met the families we knew we could 100% trust each other so that’s why when Becca needed a business partner I came to mind. So yes, we now have that typical basic girl “omg, I love you” bond. Feel free to forward any and all mockery to my email.

So why Peak & Anchor? For those who know us the answer is probably obvious but humour me & keep reading, for those who don’t heres the Peak & Anchor in 30 run down. Becca is from the west, raised on a farm & later moving closer to the mountains, so we thought Peak seemed to fit perfectly. Not only is it Albertan but lets be real, she’s always been the one to aim for the stars. She doesn’t always realize how far she’s actually made it but every now & again she will stop for a spilt second, take a quick look around but then will go right back to climbing. Then theres me. For those who don’t know me I am from the East Coast, Nova Scotia to be exact, & a lot of my life is centred around that part of my background, (yes I love lobster, no I never had one as a pet) so of course something nautical made sense to represent me. We decided on Anchor because I tend to be the one more grounded & more often than not Becca is the one convincing me I can do something I’ve convinced myself I can’t. At the end of the day we balance each other out & that’s what’s important in any relationship, she pushes me to believe in myself & I force her to stop & breath … & dance with me in the car. We’re your modern day Ernie & Bert, with a little more sarcasm & a whole lot more beer.

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