Do You Wanna Build A Website?

We’ve all heard the “looks aren’t important, it’s what’s on the inside that counts” speech & while that’s all well & good, it doesn’t apply to websites. Statistics show that you only have 8-10 seconds to grab someones attention when they first open your website before they move on. So that is 10 seconds, at best, to get a person to see that your website is exactly what they’re looking for, make them want to get to know it better & to convince them to stay with it forever & never leave! Basically, your website is like a needy girlfriend.

So how do you get someone to go beyond your landing page & stick around? I have 3 rules you should follow. Look good, let them see the real you & believe in what your saying.

If that first 10 seconds is all you have to lock someone in, then you’re going to want to make sure you look great! 10 seconds is long enough for them to quickly look over your landing page & maybe read a heading or two, not check out multiple pages & read a whole paragraph of information. Therefor your landing page should have an up to date look & clearly depict what you’re offering. Do this with either a picture of your product or your logo & an easy to find menu showcasing all the links to your other pages, usually placed off to the right or in the heading.

Okay so they’re digging your look & they’ve decided they’re going to make a move to another page of your website. We got past the first 10 seconds, how do you get them to stay? Well the most likely page they’ll go to first is your “About Me” page. Always always always have an “About Me” page. People trust people they know, so make it as personal as you can & make sure it really sounds like you. Your page should read like if someone you knew personally were reading it, they would hear it in your voice. Show the real you, not a fake perfect version of you. (FYI, If you’re not reading what I’m writing in an East coast accent, you’re doing it wrong)

Now you have ’em right where you want ’em. Your landing page caught their attention, your page links were easy to find which lend them right to your “About Me” page & now they like you, they really like you! So now they want to know why they should buy what you’re selling, pick up what you’re laying down, sing the song you’re playing! Catch my drift? The best way to get someone to believe in your product/business is if they think you believe in it, so take your time when you write about it, let the passion you have for it sound through. Let that feeling you got when you first came up with the idea & how excited you were be so evident that the person reading it starts to feel the same way.

Think of the websites that have made it in to your favourites, why do you like them so much? ┬áThink of that when building your website & follow these 3 basic rules & you’ll be a favourite in someone’s browser in no time.

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