CrossFit Will Make Ya Jump, Jump!

Let’s just take a short pause from all the social media marketing talk because there’s a place back in my home town that deserves a serious shout out! Because I know what your thinking, “Why is Velicity talking about CrossFit?” but humour me! I’m talking about the one that just opened in my home town by my best friend, Paige Shirley & her business partners, Ryan & Riley Foley. My little town of about 1600 has been through a lot over the past few years & it was awesome to see something in the community bringing everyone together & bonding people who on any normal day would never have the chance to meet. So Paige & I made a trade while I was home; I taught her Social Media & she got to kick my ass in the gym. She clearly got the better end of the deal. This blog post is very different from what I normally write about, I agree but I really love what they are doing in & for the community so I had to show my support. So, Ladies & gentleman, this is Sou’Wester CrossFit. 

Before you chalk this up to be just another one of those blog post about working out & how awesome going to the gym is, stop! This is not one of those posts because I, your writer, could not possible dislike going to the gym more. I have no idea what I’m doing when I’m in one & I usually just need up sticking to the treadmill & don’t dare try anything else because I have no idea what 98% of the machines do. So needless to say when Paige asked me to come try out CrossFit I was a bit unsure but that all went away from the moment I walked through the door.

The first thing I saw when I walked around the corner was a man in his 40’s getting ready to attempt to deadlift (I had to ask Paige what it was called) 425 lbs & sure enough, he did it. That alone was pretty cool but it’s what happened afterwards that really got me excited. It was the way his coach, Ryan, reacted to the lift. He was more excited than the man himself. He ran all around the gym, yelling & jumping all over things like a spider monkey that you’d swear he was the one who had just lifted the weight. That’s when I realized that it was so much more than a gym, it was a family. If one person succeeded, they all did.

As this is all going on Paige was in the middle of the gym coaching two ladies, one of them being somewhere along in her 50s which was super impressive. Paige had just set out the boxes & explained to the ladies that they were going to jump up on the box, go down the other side, do a burpee & repeat 50 times. 50… Flippin’… Times. Little did I know this would later become know as “the way Paige tried to kill me” when she made me do the same workout. Now when it came to jumping on the box the older lady was a bit nervous, she wasn’t sure she could jump that high & that’s when the family went to work giving her all the encouragement she needed to make the jump. *& THE CROWD WENT WILD* There she was, standing on the box like it was no big deal but the smile on her face saying something different. Both ladies that day were amazing. They had their doubts in themselves but they weren’t just strangers standing beside each other, they were friends & they were going to get it done together. Real MVPs. 

This was all within the first 15 minutes of me walking in to the gym & I hadn’t even started my work out yet. I really could go on & on about my whole experience at Sou’Wester CrossFit but I know none of you want to hear about me falling off the box & my near death experience via burpees. Horribly boring stuff.

Whether CrossFit becomes your steady boyfriend or just the one you see a few times a week, it’s definitely worth adding to your work out routine, or in my case, lack thereof. Free classes are offered to those who wish to just come in & give it a try & if I didn’t die, chances are you won’t either. Sou’Wester CrossFit is more than just a gym, it’s a place that’s bringing self esteem & happiness back in to our little community.  Now, all this talk about the gym kinda makes me want to get up & do something. I should probably go drink a beer & wait for the feeling to pass.

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